Ioanna offers a few types of healings services - Intuitive, Reiki & Distant Healings.


Intuitive / Spiritual Healings


Tired of going from doctor to doctor without getting answers? Not being taken seriously? Shuffled from one heath care professional to another?

Then an intuitive or spiritual healing may be the answer for you.

Allow Ioanna to communicate with your Guides and your Spirit medical team to understand and uncover the root cause of disease in your body, mind, emotions and soul.

As a safe non-invasive form of healing, you will remain conscious throughout the healing (there is no hypnosis involved) and you are fully clothed.

Reiki Master Teacher Ioanna, utilising her medical intuitive skills, will effectively scan your body and provide a  “reading” of the core issues.

Your experience may include past life healing where past life issues are central to your presenting condition.

In most cases it is an underlying belief system or embedded emotion that causes disease and during your healing session this will be highlighted to bring it into your awareness.

This type of healing does not replace any medical advice delivered by a medical doctor or practitioner but rather works in a complimentary way giving you guidance central to your issue.


During your reiki healing you will experience the comforting effects of hands-on healing where Ioanna will check, balance and boost each of your energy centres called chakras.

If you are feeling stressed and always “in your head” then this is the session for you.  Reiki is highly effective as a means of stress and anxiety management.

Suffering from chronic aches and pains such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or even pregnancy pains?  Then you can’t go past a reiki session that will bring you instant relief.

Throughout your experience you remain fully clothed as you are safely cocooned in a soft blanket.

Ioanna is a recognised and renowned reiki master teacher and practitioner so you can be assured you or your children will be in safe hands.


Distance Healings

Pre- payment is required to book a distant healing

Unable to attend an in person healing session either due to distance or mobility issues? Then a distance healing is for you.

Ioanna is able to tune into your energy (similar to a radio station) and work on your healing remotely,  anywhere you may be in the world.

You are no doubt familiar and comfortable in receiving voice and data on your mobile phone device and distance energy healing uses the same concept.

You will have a prearranged time preferable when you are resting or sleeping and Ioanna will work on you and then send via email your session feedback you.

I have felt a significant emotional shift with my mother since our Distance Healing. I am definitely unplugging for the first time in many decades. I am starting to understand what putting myself first means and allowing myself to be joyful.

I really appreciate you connecting me with my Dad and his messages have given me the “permission” to be who I really am.
— Veronica